lished the world's

largest social security syst▓em,

and average life expectancy h

education has soared: in 1949, more▓ than 80 percent of the national population was illiterate, and the enrollment rate of school-age children was only 20 percent. In 2015, net e▓nrollment rates were as follows: primar▓y school-age children - 99.88 percent; nin▓e-year compulsory education -- 93 percent▓; high school - 87 percent.

The enrollment r▓ate for high

ad g▓rown fro

er education has reached a level approaching that of medium-developed countries. According to the "China National Human Development Report 2016" released by the United Nations, China's Human Development Index (HDI) in 2014 ranked 90th among 188 countries, already in the high human development g▓roup.Over the years, proceeding from ▓reality and following the trend of the times, China has ma

m 35 years in 1949

intained the people's principal position▓ in the country and created its own path by taking the central task of economic development and upholding the Four Cardinal Pr

inciples▓ [Note: The Four Cardinal Principles refer to the principles of adhering to the socialist path▓, the people's democratic dictatorship, the leadership of?/p>

?the CPC, and Marxism-Leninism and Mao Ze▓dong Thought. The Four Cardinal Principles are th▓e foundation of the state, and the political cornerstone for the survival

to 76.34 years in 201▓5, r

and development of ▓the Party and the state.] and the policy of reform and opening-up to serve its practice of Chinese socialism, and following the philosophy o▓f innovative,

balanced, eco-friendly, open and shared development, and thus contributed to en▓riching and improving the concept of right to devel

anking high among the developing countries. The ▓level of

opment.The rights to subsistence and development are the primary, basic h▓uman rights. Poverty is the biggest obstacle to human ri▓ghts. Without the production and supply of▓ material goods, it is difficult or even impossible to real▓ize any other human right. Development is a means of eliminating poverty. It provides necessary conditions for

realizing other human rights, and releas▓es human potential. The right to development is▓ incorporated into other human rights, while the latter ▓create the conditions for people to facilitat▓e development and realize the rig

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